Ropes and mooring

Do you want to expand your product range with more ropes and moorings? And does part of your customer segment consist of sailors and fishermen / offshore? At WeDoLifting, we offer several different types of ropes, and we can cover virtually every conceivable need for ropes and moorings for private dealers throughout Europe. Whether your customers demand ropes and moorings, we are ready with fast delivery to make your business grow.

We are capable of delivering synthetic ropes made of nylon in various constructions and dimensions, but should your customers have special needs or wishes for a special design or construction, then you must not hesitate to contact us on tel. +45 7015 2015 or by send an email to

Common to our selection of ropes and moorings is that it is made in the very highest quality. At WeDoLifting, we carefully select our products, so you are always guaranteed safe and durable quality products that can withstand changing and harsh working conditions.

High quality ropes and mooring

The upmost importance for us is quality and safety. In precisely these areas we are simply not compromising. Mooring ropes used for mooring must be able to withstand both stretch and sudden influences such as sea water, sunlight, decay and shame filing, and therefore it must be made in a durable quality so that it can last for many years.

At the same time, it is at least as important that a mooring rope is both flexible and elastic so that it is stretchable. However, it must not be too elastic or able to stretch too much, as it increases the risk of the rope breaking, which can cause serious damage to the vessel and the surroundings.

At WeDoLifting, we have more than +50 years of experience with ropes and moorings which is why you are guaranteed important know-how in the field and a large stock of products in the very best quality. We only offer quality products to our dealers. This means that your customers are guaranteed ropes and moorings in a safe and durable quality with our products.

Ropes in safe and durable materials

Whether your customers demand for ropes and moorings, WeDoLifting can supply all that and more in safe and durable materials. We offer e.g. both ropes made of manila, polypropylene (PP) and HMPE / Dyneema, each with its own forces.

With a manila rope, your customers get high abrasion and strength as well as eminent flexibility. On the other hand, it can be degraded by the weather and absorb moisture, and a rope made in the material manila also has a small elasticity, so sudden loads should preferably be avoided. If they instead demand a more durable and resistant rope, then ropes made of polypropylene (PP) are preferred. It does not absorb water, and then it is resistant to acid, alkali and sunlight. At the same time, it cannot rot and is tight.

If you instead need a reliable and strong rope in your product range, then HMPE / Dyneema is certainly the right choice. With a rope made of Dyneema, which is an ultra-strong fiber, your customers get a rope with low weight and limited stretch. It also has a high breaking strength, high abrasion resistance and is UV-resistant, which makes it a go-to for many.

Get competent guidance and service from us

Are you in doubt about which ropes are missing in your product range? And whether it should be synthetic or not? Since WeDoLifting was founded in 1969, we have developed, manufactured and dealt with e.g. ropes and mooring for a very long time, and therefore you can always expect expert advice and guidance from us. If anyone, it should be us to know which ropes and moorings are best suited for the job, and we know our entire product range from start to end.

Do you want help, or do you have questions about our ropes? Are there any products in the field of ropes and mooring that you cannot find with us? Then finally get in touch with us on tel. +45 7015 2015 or by writing an e-mail to Our competent team is ready to help you further, so you can complete your product range by offering the complete solution of ropes with the right products for your customer segment.

Buy ropes and moorings for professional use at WeDoLifting

All our ropes and moorings are made in high quality, but they differ from each other when it comes to material, size and thickness. It enables you to find exactly the ropes and moorings that your customers demand in your range.

Whether they demand a mooring rope made of polypropylene (PP), a manila rope or a rope made of the incredibly strong Dyneema fiber, WeDoLifting can be capable of delivering this. We offer a large selection of products in the category "ropes and moorings", which enables you to offer your customers a wide range that matches their requirements and needs.

With WeDoLifting as your supplier, you will never have to say no to an order again because you do not have a specific rope or mooring in stock. We make sure that you can always easily and quickly get hold of exactly the products that your customers are missing. Contact us today to hear more about what we can offer you as a dealer.