Load Restraint

Load Restraint

Are you looking for products within load securing that can strengthen your product range, giving you the opportunity to offer the complete solution? If so, you've come to the right place. At WeDoLifting, you will find an extensive selection of load restraint products for securing loads, so you can offer your customers the right products that ensure that their loads are fastened correctly and in a correct legally manner.

We sell a wide range of load securing to dealers throughout Europe, and in our product range, you will find everything from rachet lashings, chain lashings, lashing brackets to chain tensioners, nets for load securing and anti-slip mats. No matter if your customers need to have secure loads at land, to sea or in air, you will find the broadest selection of products for load securing and lashing with us.

Can't find what you are looking for? And do your customers demand one specific product that you do not have in stock? Then you are more than welcome to contact us on tel. +45 7015 2015 or by writing an e-mail to us on wedolifting@wedolifting.fi. At WeDoLifting, we also offer tailor-made and customized solutions.

Load securing and lashing for safe transportation of goods

Whether your customers are moving heavy items on a trailer, truck or van, it is important that they can fasten the items securely and properly. Of course, this requires just the right lashing equipment that you can find at WeDoLifting. If you want to offer your customers an extensive range of equipment for load securing, then you do not have to look much further.

We only offer carefully selected quality products, and therefore your customers are guaranteed high quality load securing. Our selection consists of different sizes, thicknesses and strengths, and with us as a partner, you as a dealer will always be able to offer your customers the correct and absolute best in load restraint products for any transport task.

Whether your customers demand rachet straps or chain lashings for securing goods, smart anti-slip mats that stop any horizontal sliding movement during transport, or lashing chains for lashing containers and sea transport, then WeDoLifting can deliver all that and more to you. capable of delivery from A-Z in load securing.

Find a large selection of quality products for load securing

When transporting goods  it is important that they are securely fastened with the right equipment. At WeDoLifting, we make it easy for your customers to secure the load professionally and in accordance with the law, as we carry a broad product range of rachet lashings, chain lashings, chain tensioners, lashing chains, lashing brackets and much, much more.

Want to hear more about what we can offer you as a dealer? Or are you having any questions about specific products for load securing? Then finally do not hesitate to contact us.

We want you to get hold of the right equipment that supports your customers' needs and wishes. WeDoLifting simply does not compromise on quality, as we believe that good quality load securing equipment is worth the investment for your customers.

When your customers invest in load securing equipment from WeDoLifting, they get products that can last for many years - even despite the sometimes hard and changing working conditions.


Professional and personal service from start to finish

At WeDoLifting, we put a virtue in providing competent and personal service to all our dealers. We are experts in load restraint products and know all our products, your customers' problems and current legislation in the field. This means that you are guaranteed an efficient and not least professional service, and you can always expect to receive advice and guidance in the field, so you get your hands on the right products.

We have since 1969 been specializing in equipment for load securing, and we know how important and not least necessary it is for your customers to be able to get hold of the right products. We know i.e. to the various lashing techniques and know what a load securing should be able to withstand, and you thus get a quality-oriented and flexible supplier and our partner who knows all aspects of load securing and needs of your customers.

Buy load securing equipment from WeDoLifting

All our load securing products are of the highest quality, but they differ in several areas when it comes to strength, size and thickness. However, it makes it possible for you to find exactly the load securing equipment that you are missing in your product range.

Whether your customers are looking for a lashing-produt with or without hooks or a chain tensioner in grade 8 or 10, we can be our supplier. At WeDoLifting, you can find everything within load securing equipment and thus offer your customers a wide product range that perfectly matches their needs and requirements. Do your customers have special requirements for specific products? And do you want to be your customers' go-to when it comes to using high quality load securing equipment?

Then contact us today. With more than +50 years in the industry, we have built up a large stock, a broad product portfolio and important know-how, which also enables us to deliver tailor-made and customized solutions. You can call us at +45 7015 2015, write an email to us at wedolifting@wedolifting.fi or contact us via our contact form at the bottom of this page