Lifting gear


Lifting gear

Do you also want to offer your customers the best in lifting gear? At WeDoLifting, we sell a large selection of everything within lifting gear to dealers throughout Europe. With us, you can simply find everything from chain slings, top hooks, snatch blocks, lifting points and lifting clamps to Master Links, round slings, hooks, eye bolts and much more. We only sell products that we can vouch for, and therefore you are always guaranteed quality products when you shop with WeDoLifting.

Find everything you need to strengthen your product range of lifting gear even more, here on the site. You will find, among other things:

  • Webbing sling and round sling with strength to lift several tons
  • Lifting clamps for lifting steel plates and other steel profiles
  • Ring clutches and universal clutches for lifting concrete elements with embedded lifting brackets
  • Eye bolts, which provide a secure lift and great flexibility
  • Tool bags, which ensure lifting with loose loads such as. Tools etc.

Our range is wide, but should you still have special wishes, then you are more than welcome to contact us for tailor-made and customized solutions. You can contact us on tel. +45 7015 2015 or send an e-mail to to find out more about what we can offer you as a dealer.

Lifting gear for any industry

No matter what industry your customer segment is engaged in, you can find the necessary lifting gear at WeDoLifting, which completes your product range and helps customers perform their work correctly and efficiently for many years to come. Since 1969, we have specialized in developing and manufacturing lifting gear for every industry, and we want to be your preferred supplier in these areas.

Our quality products cannot be missed, and regardless of your customer segment is to be found in the concrete industry, construction markets and other industrial companies, they are guaranteed high-quality lifting gear with WeDoLifting products in your range. In short, with us as a partner, you can as a dealer always offer your customers the perfect lifting gear for any lifting job.

As specialists in the field, we are very happy to make our knowledge and experience available, and thus you get a flexible and quality-oriented supplier of lifting gear.

A wide selection of lifting gear for dealers

At WeDoLifting, we have a large selection of lifting gear in our product range, and it is therefore without hesitation that we see ourselves as a leading supplier of lifting gear to dealers in Europe. Since our company saw the light of day in 1969, we have built up a great product portfolio, a large inventory and important know-how in the field, which enables us to deliver quality products to strengthen and complete your product range.

Whether your customers demand, new chain slings to connect the crane hook to the load, couplers that securely and durable connect the components of a chain set, eyebolts that provide a secure lift and great flexibility, Load Cells that showcase the weight of what you lift, or every type of wire rope slings in your range, then WeDoLifting can be you preferred supplier of these products.

Common to our product range is that it is extremely wide, which makes it possible to find just the top hooks, snatch blocks, lifting brackets, master links, couplers, round slings,  hooks, shackles and swivel eye bolt that complete your product range and draw customers in the store to shop for even more products. 

Competent counseling and personal service

At WeDoLifting, we put a virtue in providing proper service and advice to our dealer network. We are experts in lifting gear and know all of our products. Therefore, as a dealer you are guaranteed efficient and not least personal service, and you can always expect to get good advice and guidance from us as a supplier of lifting gear.

Do you have specific questions about our selection of lifting gear? Or are you having questions about our prices? In that case, you are more than welcome to contact us. Our professional staff is ready to advise and guide you in the best way possible.

With more than +50 years in the industry, we can get access to even more products in different price ranges and not least be able to deliver customized solutions. There is simply no product in the field of lifting gear that we cannot get home to our dealers.

Buy lifting gear from WeDoLifting

Don’t you also want to be able to offer your customers even higher quality products? At WeDoLifting, we offer a well-assorted selection of lifting gear, and we also deliver complete solutions to dealers throughout Europe. When you shop at WeDoLifting, you get a strong partner who is known for its flexibility, precision and speed.

You will always be able to find what is missing in your product range in order to offer your customers the complete solution. This means that you will never have to say no to an order because you do not have a specific chain sling, lifting chain, lifting clamp, master link, hooks or swivel eye bolts in stock.

Should you unexpectedly not find what you are looking for, you are more than welcome to contact us on tel. +45 7015 2015 or by sending an e-mail to, then we will be able to sort it or build it for your specification. You can also use our contact form, which you will find at the bottom of this page.