Lifting beams

Lifting beams

Do you want to offer your customers a large selection of robust lifting beams in high quality? At WeDoLifting, we are specialized in producing and developing lifting beams for cranes as well as man riding baskets for dealers throughout Europe. With us, you can simply find solid lifting beams that can handle the given situations. No matter what items your customers are working with, they can be sure of getting a safe and durable solution with WeDoLifting lifting beams.

Do you have customers who work in production or in transport where there are many repeated, heavy lifts, then the proper lifting beam in high quality and with high durability is required. With WeDoLifting as your partner, you have access to a wide range of lifting beams. Should you unexpectedly not find what you are looking for, we can both design and produce customized solutions for you and your customers.

Contact us on tel. +45 7015 2015, or send an e-mail to us on to find out more about what we can offer you as a dealer of lifting beams and much more in this category.

A large selection of lifting beams for any industry

Do you want to be a leading retailer of lifting beams and man riding baskets for your customer segment? If you have several customers who work in an industry where repeated, heavy lifts are performed several times a day, or where they generally handle large, heavy elements, then lifting beams are usually the perfect solution for them. At WeDoLifting, we can deliver several different lifting beams, and we offer, among other things:

  • Adjustable lifting spreaders
  • Adjustable lifting beams
  • Truck lifting beams
  • H-formed beams
  • Bigbag lifting beams.

There are many different types of lifting beams, all of which are targeted at different jobs. If loads are handled in special designed bags, then a lifting beam with four lifting points is preferable, as it makes it easy and flexible to move. If you have customers who move elements in the same size and volume, then the best solution for them is to use a lifting beam with fixed hooks.

Should your customers primarily handle items in different sizes, then an adjustable lifting beam or spreader will be the perfect solution for them. We also produce H-lifting beams, which are equipped with four lifting points, which are also advantageous to use if elements of different sizes need to be moved.

Your partner in lifting beams

At WeDoLifting, we want to be the leading supplier of various types of lifting beams to dealers in Europe. Since 1969, our company has built up a large warehouse, a broad product portfolio of lifting beams and most importantly know-how in the field. This enables us to deliver the best solutions and lifting beams for your product range, so that your customers can always get quality lifting beams for any lifting task.

Whether your customers demand an adjustable lifting beam, adjustable lifting spreaders, truck lifting beams, H-formed lifting beam or big bag lifting beams, WeDoLifting can deliver just that. If your customers have special requirements or needs for an upcoming lifting beam, we will also be able to handle it, since we offer tailor-made and customized solutions.

This means that you will never have to say no to a lift beam order again because you do not have a standard lifting beam or the option to order a custom model. At WeDoLifting, you are guaranteed an extremely wide range of lifting beams, which completes your range and makes you a go-to dealer in your customer segment.

Get a strong partner from start to finish

WeDoLifting has more than 50 years of experience in the innovation, production and resale of lifting beams, and this makes us an attractive, strong partner in the field. We are quality-oriented and only offer the highest-quality lifting beams and man riding baskets that can handle the changing and harsh working conditions in the field. In addition, we know all aspects of working with heavy loads, and no matter what requirements and needs your customers may express, we can guarantee to meet them.

With us on as a partner, you get access to unique knowledge, products and specially designed solutions, and there is no inquiry that we cannot handle. Do you have specific questions about lifting beams? In the case, our competent team is ready to help you, so that you can jointly find the solution that best matches your customers' needs.

Buy solid lifting beams at WeDoLifting

At WeDoLifting, we offer a wide range of lifting beams to dealers in Europe. Whether your customers are looking for a solid, adjustable lifting beam, adjustable lifting spreaders, truck lifting beams, H-formed lifting beam or big bag lifting beams we can deliver all that - and more. WeDoLifting is not only capable of delivery in lifting beams, but also a whole range of other product categories such as lifting gear, lifting equipment, load restraint products, hoists and winches, steel wire ropes and accessories as well as pipe clamps.

With our products in your product range, you will always be able to offer your customers the complete solution, which positions you as an extremely strong dealer in the industry. Do you also want to be one step ahead of the competition? Then contact us today and take your position on the market to a whole new level.

You can contact us on tel. +45 7015 2015 or by writing to us on We are ready to help you further, so you can get your hands on the products that are missing in your selection. You can also fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page.