Pipe clamps

Do you want to offer your customers a great selection of pipe clamps? Then you have come to the right place. At WeDoLifting, you will find a large product range of pipe clamps that can attract even more customers to your store. Whether your customers are looking for a neck brace, a full hanger, plumbing hanger, K-hanger or U-hanger, they can find it in your store when you have our products showcased. WeDoLifting makes sure that both you and the customers are covered with the right products, but the quality of the products is at least as important to us as having a broad selection of products and categories.

That is why all pipe clamps at WeDoLifting are carefully selected, and you are guaranteed high quality with us on the side as your partner. We only sell products that we can vouch for ourselves, and that we know can handle changing and harsh working conditions in the field. Our product range of pipe clamps is broad, but should you still be missing one specific pipe clamp, or does your customers have special wishes, then you are more than welcome to contact us.

You can call us on tel. +45 7015 2015 or write an e-mail to us on WeDoLifting has since 1969 been able to supply pipe clapms and other quality products to private dealers, which is why we are guaranteed to find the rightsolution to your customer.

Different types of pipe clamps for installations

Should it be easy to find the right pipe clamps for your product range? Then you should consider partnering with WeDoLifting. For more than +50 years, we have been able to supply a wide range of quality products for various productions and industries, and pipe clamps are of course no exception. With Wedolifting as your parner, you get access to a large selection of pipe clamps in various sizes and materials.

Whether your customers demand pipg clamps, full hangers, plumbing hangers, K-hangers or U-hangers, we can find the right ones for your dealer product range in a short time. We have access to a complete selection, where you can simply find pipe clamps in all common sizes for different types of installations. WeDoLifting offers both pipe clamps for smaller and larger pipes as well as pipe clamps in brass and electro-galvanized steel, which makes it easy for your customers to get the right pipe clamps from us.

When you shop with WeDoLifting, you are guaranteed a large selection of pipe clamps in the absolute best quality, regardless of size, thickness and materials.

High quality pipe clamps

No matter what work areas your customers are dealing with, they need to have access to high quality pipe clamps. They can get that with us as your partner! With products from WeDoLifting on display, you ensure your customers a safe and durable results. We have been the preferred choice for several dealers since 1969 when it comes to purchasing professional equipment, and we have continued to provide quality products and complete solutions to our dealers.

For that reason, of course, we do not compromise on the quality of our pipe clamps. Common to our selection of pipe clamps is that all products are carefully selected, which guarantees our dealers satisfied customers and the customers the best conditions for developing durable solutions and solid craftsmanship - again and again.

Are your customers looking for new material for their work, such as pipe hangers, then they can safely choose you as a seller, where they can always find the best and latest pipe hangers on the market in the best quality. Over time, WeDoLifting has built up a huge product portfolio and important know-how, enabling us to deliver innovative and durable pipe clamps to dealers throughout Europe.

Personal and completed service from start to finish

At WeDoLifting, we put an incredible amount of effort into providing competent and attentive service. All our employees have an in-depth knowledge of our various products, including pipe clamps, and the necessary professional expertise to be able to advise and guide you in the best possible way. We would gladly be sharing our many years of experience, so just contact us to hear more about your options as a dealer.

WeDoLifting's approach to quality and service applies across all categories and products, and when you partner up with us, you are thus assured of the best products in lifting gear, lifting equipment, ropes, load securing and much, much more.

Do you have questions about our selection of pipe clamps? Or do you want to hear if we can provide a specific pipe hanger that your customer is looking for? With more than +50 years of experience, WeDoLifting has gained access to many products in different price ranges and not least manufactured its own pipe hangers for various industries. This applies to both standard solutions and customized solutions, which makes it possible to offer your customers exactly what they are looking for.

Buy pipe clamps and accessories at WeDoLifting

Do you also want to offer your customers even better-quality products? At WeDoLifting, we offer a broad product range of different types of pipe clamps for private dealers. This means that you can get your fingers in a neck brace, a full hanger, plumbing hanger, K-hanger or U-hanger, all of which can accommodate solutions for any kind of use.

No matter what type of pipe is to be attached, your customers can find the necessary pipe clamps with WeDoLifting products in your product range. Should a customer have specific requirements and wishes, we can of course also custom-make pipe clamps accordingly. In other words, with WeDoLifting, you get a strong partner who is known for its flexibility, speed and precision.